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Kitchen cleaning

Cleaning up and Moving Out

By gpcadmin in March 2022

Cleaning up and Moving Out Moving out of a rental property is often stressful and if not managed carefully damaging to your wallet and reference history. An end of tenancy professional clean is the best way to take that stress and risk away. Using What Cleaning means that you’ll likely to get back most of […]

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end of tenancy cleaning service

Best end of tenancy services London

By Stephen Sharp in December 2020

What is end of tenancy cleaning services? End of tenancy cleaning is the service is required when a tenant moves out of rented accommodation. This can be done by either the tenant or landlord. It’s important that this kind of cleaning is carried out before a new tenant moves in. This is also one the […]

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end of tenancy cleaning service

What’s the easiest way to get your security deposit back?

By Stephen Sharp in October 2020

Moving out of your rental property and on to your next adventure can be fun and exciting. You’re probably looking forward to getting your security deposit back and splashing out on something new to liven up your new place. But… What happens if you don’t get all of your security deposit back? How can you […]

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end of tenancy cleaning service

Covid-19. Get Reassurance with an Extra Deep Disinfectant Clean

By Stephen Sharp in March 2020

Covid-19, Coronavirus, is now affecting every part  of our lives and as a result, we are having to be so careful with our personal hygiene and that of our homes . We already successfully carry out  thousands  of end of tenancy cleans for letting agents and private clients throughout London every year but due to […]

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sink cleaning london

BEFORE & AFTER – “Crime Stories”

By Stephen Sharp in January 2020

As one of the Leading End of Tenancy Cleaning Companies in the South East and London  we have seen nearly everything  over the years and felt it was time to share some of the things we face on a daily basis. Not naming and shaming but sharing these “Crime Stories” but most importantly Tips and […]

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end of tenancy cleaning service

How to choose an end of tenancy cleaning services provider

By Stephen Sharp in December 2019

The right end of tenancy cleaning services provider can help ensure your deposit is returned and make things run smoothly at a stressful time. You can choose to do the end of tenancy clean yourself. However, many find that it is an enormous job, requires professional assistance, and helps them to manage limited time. Yet, […]

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oven cleaning service london

Cleaning Ovens

By Stephen Sharp in November 2019

What Cleaning – Cleaning tip Cleaning your oven Ready For Christmas Christmas is nearly upon us and with friends and family coming to visit, it’s time to start getting ready for the festive season. Christmas can be a daunting task, its time to shine and show off what a beautiful home you have.  Nobody wants […]

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end of tenancy cleaning service

Clean radiators mean warmer homes.

By Stephen Sharp in October 2019

The summer is well and truly over, and we are all thinking about putting our heating on.  Have you ever considered that dirty radiators have a big effect on the efficiency on heating your home? Cobwebs and dust easily gather with in the nooks and crannies of radiators. At What Cleaning we recommend you use […]

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end of tenancy cleaning service

Tip: How to clean your fridge

By Stephen Sharp in September 2019

Having a clean fridge is one of the most important areas to focus on when cleaning your kitchen. It’s vital that the appliance is kept clean and hygienic to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Cleaning the fridge doesn’t need to be a daunting process, this guide explains what products are suitable for cleaning the […]

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