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Cleaning up and Moving Out

Written by gpcadmin on March 22, 2022

Cleaning up and Moving Out

Moving out of a rental property is often stressful and if not managed carefully damaging to your wallet and reference history. An end of tenancy professional clean is the best way to take that stress and risk away. Using What Cleaning means that you’ll likely to get back most of your deposit and get a glowing reference from your landlord.

But don’t just leave it to the last-minute plan in advance

  1. Book in advance – Some firms you can book the day before but the best companies like us can get booked up so the moment you know you’re moving out pick up the phone and talk to us .
  2. Repairs – If you must do some touch-ups to the paint in your rented property or any other repairs, make sure these are done before the cleaning team comes in. If you do need to paint, give it plenty of time to dry. Any repairs you do after the cleaning team comes in will make a mess, and you’ll have to clean the place again.
  3. Move everything Out – Everything that you own and isn’t included in your tenancy agreement should be moved out before the cleaning team come in to clean . End of tenancy cleans need to be throughout to help you get your full deposit back.
  4. Marks & Stains – Telling us in advance can assist this being done quickly and professionally If you’re having your carpet cleaned during your end-of-tenancy clean, point out any stains you know about we offer carpet cleaning as an optional extra and often it’s a “must-have.” It can make the whole place look like new again . Always point out any small stains or marks to us – we are here to help make moving out of a rental property much easier.

So, book “ What Cleaning” in advance to ease your stress, point out any areas you may wish us to focus on, and then just sit back and lets us get to work. End of tenancy cleans take a few hours, but transform your rental property back to how it was and we are really worth the money. Book us today – 020 8875 5766