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What’s the easiest way to get your security deposit back?

Written by Stephen Sharp on October 8, 2020

Moving out of your rental property and on to your next adventure can be fun and exciting. You’re probably looking forward to getting your security deposit back and splashing out on something new to liven up your new place.


What happens if you don’t get all of your security deposit back?

How can you easily avoid deductions from your deposit and move on to your next property with everyone happy?

Do you have to just accept the deductions from your deposit?

It can be intimidating to argue with your landlord about what’s deducted and what is your fault and what’s not down to you – but none of us are perfect and sometimes stuff gets missed.

In England and Wales, your deposit must be placed in a government backed deposit scheme and your landlord has to give you a breakdown of any amounts deducted and the reason for the deduction. If you dispute the deduction, then your deposit will be held until everything is resolved.

Once you agree the amount to be deducted, your deposit must be returned to you within 10 days.

A recent survey of the principal reason tenants had money deducted from their deposit was, in reverse order:

  • Unauthorised modification of the property – 5%
  • Pest infestation – 7%
  • Unpaid utilities – 11%
  • Overdue rent – 21%
  • Missing items belonging to the landlord – 30%
  • Simple maintenance (mowing lawns etc.) – 49%
  • Not leaving the property clean enough – 80%


Ideally, when you move into a new property, take your phone for a walk around each room photographing any damage to walls, floors, fittings and note if any of the appliances that are included aren’t working. Email your photos with a polite note to your landlord or property agent so they are aware of any damage before you start your tenancy.

How to leave your property sparkling clean and get your deposit back…

The single biggest reason that tenants don’t get all of their deposit back is that they leave the property without giving it a rigorous clean. This isn’t just your usual weekly routine, but a thorough deep clean.

The level of cleaning required is more than you may have realised was required if you want to be sure of getting your deposit back.

Ben Watt, Managing Director of London’s premier end of tenancy cleaning company What Cleaning!, said:

‘Having a specialist end of tenancy cleaning company handle your property cleaning for you takes away the guesswork and means you’ll definitely meet the high standards required by property and letting agents across London.’

Mr Watt added,

‘Given the current pandemic and the issues that raises for letting agents, we now offer all our clients, in addition to our regular end of tenancy clean, an Extra Deep Disinfectant Clean to ensure the property is not only clean but safe for the next tenant and for every Extra Deep Disinfectant Clean booked, we will give an additional donation to one of the Food Banks we’re supporting in London.’

So, what does an end of tenancy clean, clean?

An end of tenancy clean has to be both thorough, efficient and effective. It has to take care of the little details; fridge and freezer, oven, stain removal, woodwork, cupboards and drawers that you wouldn’t normally think about.

An extra deep disinfectant clean takes cleaning to a new level with a combination of professional grade chemicals and steam that will kill all traces of Coronavirus and most other bacteria and viruses.

Soft surfaces aren’t exempt.

  • Curtains
  • Soft furnishings
  • Carpets
  • Mattresses

Are all steam cleaned to eradicate bacteria and viruses and, as you’d expect, we have issued all of our teams with appropriate protective clothing to ensure a safe working environment.

When it’s completed your property will look as good, if not better than the day you walked in.

As the first choice for property agents all over London because of our can do attitude and the quality of our service, What Cleaning! Are ready to help you keep all of your deposit with our end of tenancy clean.

If you’re concerned about Coronavirus, What Cleaning’s! Extra Deep Disinfectant Clean is the only choice.

Why let the number one reason tenants lose some of their security deposit, cleaning, be the thing that trips you up?

Call What Cleaning! To arrange for your end of tenancy clean today.